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Neonatal Emergencies

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Concise, authoritative coverage of the management of neonates in the emergency department In full color! Written by emergency physicians for emergency physicians, Neonatal Emergencies is designed to provide an authoritative clinical reference on the management of neonates in the emergency department. Organized logically by anatomic region and illustrated in full color with clinical photographs and imaging studies, this book covers the full spectrum of neonatal diseases — from eye, ear, nose and throat emergencies to orthopedic ones. Features: Organized by organ system — to simulate the way you must think in the emergency room The perfect hands-on reference to guide you through the diagnosis and treatment of your youngest and most challenging patients Written by emergency physicians for emergency physicians - information selected and organized to meet the daily clinical needs of the emergency physician Illustrated in full color throughout 142 figures and 42 tables Covers full spectrum of neonatal and infant diseases - outstanding sections on infectious diseases Numerous examples of CT and ultrasound scans Coverage that is both succinct AND complete! Head, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Emergencies of the Infant; Neurologic Emergencies, Respiratory Emergencies, Cardiac Emergencies, Gastrointestinal Emergencies, Neonatal Genitourinary Emergencies, Orthopedic Emergencies in the Neonate, Dermatologic Disorders in the First 30 Days, Neonatal Infections, Hematologic Emergencies in the Neonate, Selected Topics in Neonatal Pharmacology

Table of Contents1. HEENT Emergencies of the Infant, Deborah J. Mann
2. Neurologic Emergencies, Linnea Wittick
3. Respiratory Emergencies, Jennifer Mackey
4. Cardiac Emergencies, Jahn Avarello
5. Gastrointestinal Emergencies, Derek Cooney and Richard M. Cantor
6. Neonatal Genitourinary Emergencies, Brian Stout
7. Orthopedic Emergencies in the Neonate, P. David Sadowitz, Lisa Keough, and Norma Cooney
8. Dermatologic Disorders in the First 30 Days of Life, James D'Agostino
9. Neonatal Infections, P. David Sadowitz, LaLainia Secreti, and Jeff Lapoint
10. Hematologic Emergencies in the Neonate, P. David Sadowitz and Trisha Tavares
11. Selected Topics in Neonatal Pharmacology, Jeanna Marraffa and Jamie Nelsen

Neonatal Emergencies

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